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Interesting News

If you looked at this blog before and checked out the About section, you would have seen that I am sole proprietor of a small consultancy that focuses on small technology startups. I have a background in the public markets as an analyst, strategist and a deal maker. Recently I’ve become more engaged in the angel investment community and gotten to know some of the folks doing seed and early stage investing.

Well, an opportunity has arisen for me to put all of these skills and interests to work while actually collecting a salary.

I’m very happy to announce that I have joined RTP Ventures here in New York. I’ll be responsible for deal sourcing, valuation analysis, term sheets, etc. etc. RTP Ventures primarily focuses their investments on datacenter software technology and secondarily on Internet technology.

RTPs investments include early stage companies through revenue generating ones (Series A thru Series C) and do not necessarily have a vertical focus.

Of course I very excited to be an integral part of the New York venture community and hope that my experience will inform this blog as it goes on.

You can reach me at, but please don’t send me any business plans. Start with an introductory email if you think there is a fit. Else continue to reach me here at Brooklyn Startup.

That’s it! And of course I’ll update the About section….

VC Blog’s I Read

I was talking to my blog co-founder the other day about what we should put in the blog roll.  I told him that I would send him a list.  Then as I thought about it more it seems like kind of a waste of space and way too long for a scroll on the side of the blog.  I also figured that almost everyone looks at the same blog sources on venture capital so there wouldn’t be a whole lot of revelations to those reading this.

What I decided to do is write a post that lists what I read.  You can bookmark it or add it to your reader or whatever.

Additionally, I’m always looking for new sources of interesting thoughts, gossip and information. So I hope that my sharing this with you will lead to 1) the first comment down below 2) you will share some of yours with me.  Hope this is useful.

Tell me what I’m missing. Thank you.

btw – It has been nice for NYers to have a team in the Conference Championship game for each of the last 4 years.  Even nicer to actually win one.  Go Giants!