What the heck do you really know about building a company?

Finally got a chance to get back to my reader list today.  It’s been over a week, so I had kind of a build up.  That really is the great thing about readers and blogs, they wait for you instead of being swallowed up by the news cycle.

The first thing I did was crank up my Findings.  If you don’t use it you should.  Go here and install it: https://findings.com/ Undoubtedly you will want to collect things you read  fast and easily.  Yes, you can book mark, but this is the best way I know of to get right to what you want.  I go back and re-read my findings pretty frequently. They become kind of like entrepreneur mantras.

For whatever reason, alphabetical or of most interest Fred Wilson’s blog (A VC) is at the top of my list.  About the second or third item was a guest post from someone I’m sure I’m supposed to know who goes by JLM.  It was an awesome, short, sweet description of how to draw up a business model and execute a plan to build it.  Hence the blog title.  This is mandatory reading.  Go here: http://bit.ly/ywhcPC and read it.

I guess I could have tweeted about this.  I saw Mark Suster do that.  It just seemed to me that it was worth ending up in someone’s reader and hopefully marked with someone’s finder.

One more thing… please answer this quipol question.  Thank you.

p.s. Best of luck to Giants over Pats.