Venture For America

A little less than a month ago I blogged about Code For America.  Part two of that piece is  Venture For America.  It is a program for young, talented grads to spend 2 years in the trenches of a start-up with the goal that these graduates will become socialized and mobilized as entrepreneurs moving forward.  Instead of coding, VFA fellows are tasked with joining a startup. They’re guaranteed a salary of $32,000 to $38,000 anually, and at the end of a summer training program (this year to be held at Brown), they’re matched with startups around the country. Locations vary, but although VFA is based in New York, both NYC and SF were intentionally left off the list in lieu of cities that may have a more difficult time luring talent: think Cincinnatti, Detroit, and New Orleans.

There are some early success stories from this program.  If you want hands on and you are not named Gates or Zuckerberg (meaning you have the innate talent to drop out of Harvard and go on to found a multi-billion market cap company), this could be the way to go.

The upcoming deadline is February 20, 2012, so get on it!