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Steve Berg

I’ve done a lot of different things over the past 20 years including time as a technology analyst, strategist consultant and investor.

I’m currently the President and lead consultant of Steven Berg LLC. This is a consultancy focused on corporate finance activities of small and medium sized technology companies including helping with messaging for funding rounds, building advisory boards, new market entry strategy, acquisition and IPO. Maybe the most important detail, however, is that I am located in DUMBO NYC.

Prior to this I was Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Emulex Corporation, an NYSE listed company with revenues of $450 million, where I drove the strategic agenda and led the identification and execution of new business opportunities including strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions, and internal innovation.

The nine years prior to that I worked as a technology equity analyst on both the sell side and the buy side where I developed in-depth industry knowledge and honed my skills in finance and analytics.

I am also currently an angel investor and mentor to startups. So hopefully that will ensure a view that is balanced between technology and finance but passionately supportive of startups.

I am writing this blog and hope to have the support and guest blog services of others I know in the sector. I also Tweet @sbberg1. I tend to be fond of throwing out statistics that either give industry color or help in making decisions.

I’d like to thank my co-conspirator Hide Harashima (@hideh) who is my technical mentor and (I expect) a blog contributor when he’s not working on his own startup.

Hide Harashima

I know it’s a cliche at this point but a start-up is a state of mind. Common to most entrepreneurs, according to John Byrne, author of World Changers, are three things:

  1. Entrepreneurs routinely see opportunities where everyone else sees problems
  2. Entrepreneurs have the ability to live with risk and failure
  3. Entrepreneurs have the determination to run their own lives

Early in my career, I was involved in several startups, two of which were acquired. I then headed a group of technologists for a global company, where we had several successful product launches. After 11 years, I’ve returned to the startup world. I’m currently a CTO for an interactive marketing agency, The JAR Group, headquartered in Dumbo Brooklyn. Concurrently, AJ Lawrence and I are working on a product based company that helps businesses leverage their existing data using data analytics.

Brooklyn is also a state of mind, a place becoming a brand of its own, known for being international and according to some, having a unique kind of authenticity and coolness. The emergence of Brooklyn as a place for creative startups has taken its roots in areas such as Dumbo, Williamsburg, Red Hook and beyond. NYC’s embrace of high-tech and tech clusters have elevated Brooklyn’s profile for entrepreneurs based in the borough.

While meeting fellow entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve noticed the three common characteristics. But we’ve also wondered out loud why Brooklyn does not have its own online resource and community for startups. With BrooklynStartups, we hope to create a community and resource around the startup world in Brooklyn.

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